“The Kiai” by Hoa Newens Sensei

“HN: I began training in Aikido in January 1967 with Dang Thong Phong Sensei in Saigon, Vietnam. The year before that I studied jujutsu and judo with a bodyguard of my father who also did Aikido and who led me to Phong Sensei (now head of the International Tenshinkai Aikido Federation).

KIAI: What did you like about Aikido when you were young? Were you interested in other martial arts?HN: I liked Aikido because we did a lot of acrobatic ukemi (high fall, long roll, high roll, etc.) and I had fun getting airborne. I trained in jujutsu, judo and Vietnamese kung-fu in addition to Aikido.”

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  1. Goodness, so glad to hear from Hoa!

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