“Positive vs Negative” by Gregor Erdmann

“I mentioned in an earlier article, how using a positive mind and focussing on where you want to be allows you to glide past a punch and enter your attacker’s blind spot. With diligent practice you would have noticed an improvement in your randori.

Hopefully you will never have to use aikido on the street, and so limiting your learning’s to physical combat doesn’t sound like an efficient use of time to me. Likewise, only learning through classes at the dojo will have you progressing your aikido at a snail’s pace.”

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  1. Actually, I think dance is a fabulous meditation. Beautiful, too. For those of us unevolved enough to indulge in martial arts, it’s easier. There’s no music and only one measure of merit – efficacy. I suspect that without that measure, you’d be better off seeking enlightenment through dance. There’s less self-delusion than in pretend martial arts.

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