Brian Kagen pick: “Meiso ho and Kokyu ho” by Fumio Toyoda Shihan

“According to our Association promotion test requirements students are required to be familiar with meiso ho(seated meditation practice) and kokyu ho (breathing exercises). Recently, a student testing for the rank of Nikyu was asked to describe these practices, and to say how they are important for budo training. He gave a very eloquent answer, which was accepted. After the test, he was privately asked if he actually did practice meditation and breathing. “I tried once,” he replied, “but they didn’t do much for me. What good are they anyway?”

In such a case it would be much better for a student to say plainly that he or she does not practice meiso ho orkokyu ho. At least this is honest. In any case, we know that this student’s instructor is probably also not clear regarding internal training methods, or at least does not teach them.”

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  1. Eloquent answers to simple questions may garner promotion… in superficial schools. Sounds to me that the answer to the first question is detached silence. The second might best be expressed with atemi or maybe a bokken.

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