“Hawaii and its warriors” by Bruce Baker

Maybe I am seeing too much in this History Channel special, Warriors : Islands of Blood, which is about the Hawaiian fighting arts, but it certainly looks like a lot of the same movements we do for our Aikido practice, but adapted to attacking, with or without weapons, and dealing some pretty dangerous life-threatening attacks.

It isn’t just the hand to hand, but the spear-catching and the application of their weapons systems that reawakens my attempt to reach some of the pacifists and narrow-minded people who don’t search out the many martial arts around the world that are similar in movement to aikido.

What is interesting is … there are so many similarities to the safe practice techniques of Aikido … I think it would be worth your while to examine this television special? I am not sure but it could be in the online look at an episode when you go to either the history channel or look up this program online.

Either way … No matter why you practice aikido, for exercise or for it’s martial aspect … it certainly is better you see the weaknesses of your defense or attacks and figure out a way to close those gaps. Be it hand to hand, hand against weapon, or weapon against weapon, to be forewarned is to be fore-armed, right?

Never stop learning, searching, investigating …. looking beyond the simple safe techniques practiced in class because …. that is how we keep aikido alive and fresh generation after generation.



  1. As Mr. Sugano said in 1962 when asked about the differences in the various “martial arts”, “All same thing.”

  2. Eventually, the human body, as complex as it is, is a finite system. Techniques, therefore, are finite. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a large number. The number might even be too large for one person to absorb in a lifetime. This leads to the reinventing the wheel problem. Especially in a relatively peaceful society there is the related problem of inventing square wheels. They’re different, and if you don’t actually USE them might look attractive…

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