Brian Kagen pick: “The Most Effective Martial Art on Earth” by Rob Redmond

“Every martial arts magazine must apparently run an article on a regular basis that asks which martial art is more effective. Two martial arts are compared, and the various pros and cons are assessed. Then the author ducks the whole issue and writes a cop out about how neither is really more effective – it just depends on what your goals are.

I’m here to tell you that there is one most effective martial art on earth for hand to hand combat without weapons. Are you ready to find out what it is?”

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  1. Two guys facing off in an enclosed space is an entirely different paradigm to a survival circumstance which is seldom enclosed, seldom only one opponent and the opponents are very seldom unarmed.

    Gladiator sports, no matter how unhealthy in the long run are not “martial.” They are “gladiatorial.”

    Martial means war. In war, strategy is involved as part of combative skills which must be deployed fast, effectively and standing up.

    A warrior would not accept an invitation to step into an enclosed space. If the threat was a mere challenge, it would simply be ignored. If it was real and imminent, he would most likely respond in an unexpected and seeming uncharacteristic manner by exterminating the challenger and his tribe using overwhelming force the day before!

    Some days his nails would remain intact and other not.

    Combat is not a game. It is not usually conducted in white pyjamas or half naked or unarmed or supine.

    On the other hand if you have no real and pressing contentious issues, why not simply share a cup of tea and talk about philosophy, or the weather or the arts or anything at all as friends instead of fighting?

    The MOST effective strategy is to find ways NOT to fight and implement those instead.

  2. I like this article! I recall early in my training that whenever somebody got hurt being remonstrated, “We don’t do that in the dojo!” My corollary is, “save it carefully for somebody you DON’T care about…”

  3. This gentleman, Redmond, and his writings, are gold. Do wayback machine search for his article on “suffer tickets.”

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