Announcing Prepublication Sales of “Hidden in Plain Sight,” Ellis Amdur’s new book

Ellis Amdur’s new book will be released in mid-July. Ellis is offering 250 prepublication sales, which will be signed and numbered. Please go to his website at http://www.edgework.info/buy.html

Ellis Amdur’s writing on martial arts has been groundbreaking. In this volume, Amdur has radically reworked his iconoclastic essays first published on the website of Aikido Journal. Here, he attempts to establish the existence of something all but lost in Japanese martial arts — a sophisticated type of training, encompassing mental imagery, breath-work, and a variety of physical techniques that offered the practitioner the potential to develop skills sometimes viewed as nearly superhuman. Commonly
referred to as “internal training,” and usually believed to be the provenance of Chinese martial arts, Amdur asserts that not only was it once common among many Japanese martial traditions, but elements of such training still remain, passed down in a few martial arts — literally “hidden in plain sight.” As always, Amdur reminds us that this is a human endeavor and he provides vivid, even heartbreaking portrayals of some of the great practitioners of these skills, men who devoted their lives to an obsessive pursuit of power.

Table of Contents:

* The Chinese Connection
* The Birth of Daito-ryu
* A Unified Field Theory: Aiki and Weapons
* Aikido is Three Peaches
* Hidden in Plain Sight
* Circle, Square, Triangle: How to Be O-Sensei in Sixteen Easy Steps
* Epilogue


  1. bruce baker says:

    Books are great because they can break you out of your stale stuck-in-the-mud thinking and give you a push toward researching a new goal. When I read something incredible in a book, or hear something incredible said at either a seminar, or in casual conversation, I realize that until I figure out how to make it work for me, or how I can experience what I heard without causing harm to myself or others … these are just words, just a descriptive path, or a map to figuring out whatever I heard, or read.

    Keep that in mind with any book, or anything you hear, you must figure out how to read that map, how to get those experiences so you truly understand what those words are trying to describe.

    People closest to founder get his words and actions wrong half the time, but then that was the old way, to cause some confusion so people would have to search and figure things out for themselves.

    I can’t wait to read this book to see how much Ellis got right. I am already very hopeful with the Table of Contents I see listed here in the post … because even if Ellis only gets a couple of things right, and even if I can never figure how out how to do them myself, at least I will now have another piece of the puzzle with all the clues I have in books, videos, experiences from training, and maybe … be able to help someone who can’t figure out one of the little pieces they need become unstuck in their training.

    Funny how that happens, a word, a single time you train with someone, and in that moment, either one of both of you become unstuck and rise a little bit higher in knowledge or experiences, and isn’t that a good feeling of accomplishment when that happens?

  2. Dan Harden says:

    I think many will find the book to be highly controversial. Depending on your experiences and point of view; you may find yourself in agreement or in stark disagreement with many of his ideas, but you will most certainly be challenged to think and maybe assess or re-assess what you know. I don’t think many are going to be exactly neutral about it. There are areas of background information that are a bit dry at first-but well worth the time spent.
    On the whole I think it might be ground breaking for several reasons and will be discussed for years. I would not skip this one. I think it will turn out to be a must have in any budoka’s library.

  3. Writing to update on the status of [B]Hidden in Plain Sight[/B] as I’ve gotten a few inquiries regarding same.
    1. The manuscript is in the hands of the printer. They must make a proof of both cover and layout to ensure that in the transfer from our disc to their printer, that the layout doesn’t change, the the colors on the cover remain true, etc. IF all goes well, we send it back, they print and ship it. I will be receiving the books appr. one month from this date of July 16th.
    2. So then I will begin shipping them, which entails signing, packing and conveying to the post office. Basically, I’ll see how many orders I can process in three hour blocks each day. They’ll be sent in the order of orders.
    3. I am approaching the original goal of 250 prepublication sales – although they have certainly slowed down since the original announcement. Given the one month to wait, and the standing notice on this site, I am continuing prepublication sales for signed and numbered books. There will be an absolute cap of 500 numbered books. Books after 500 will be signed, without a number.
    I want to thank everyone for their interest in my work.
    Ellis Amdur

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