“Connecting 2” by Gregor Erdmann

“If you can deeply and profoundly accept that your body is by its nature completely connected, you are able to keep your joints free which facilitate good aikido. Some of this acceptance comes from exploring the physical nature of one’s joints – understanding the ligaments, tendons and muscles, and their relationship to range of movement. By allowing your arms and legs to simply be, and driving movement from your core we are able to produce force without the sensation of doing so. This can be disconcerting, especially from the standpoint of living in a society where success is synonymous with putting in hard long effort at work, and study.

It takes a bit of a leap of faith to accept that at the instant we are born, we are connected to the universe and everyone in it. However, when you contemplate upon this matter, this fact is no less deniable than our limbs being connected to our torso. This relationship with others may feel tentative however when confronted with hostility, it feels very real.”

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