“Connecting” by Gregor Erdmann

“If you are too eager to throw you will meet your opponent’s resistance like a brick wall and discover that your own centre is lacking. Make sure that throughout the technique your weight presses strongly into your feet, and that you are standing independently. The beginner aikidoka will often find themselves too keen to throw and end up leaning on their uke. With their balance so compromised the power that can be generated is greatly reduced.

You may also discover that without the benefit of a good connection to your attacker that you clash with their power as soon as you try to throw them. This is most likely caused by a linear application of force towards your thrower. When you are able to use the mobility of your arms in the throw, the lack of movement in your hips and torso is disguised. Take care to place your feet correctly and rotate your hips in a spherical motion.”

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