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“It is with deep gratitude and personal honor to be one of only two dojos authorized in Virginia to teach Suenaka-Ha Tetsugaku Ho (Suenaka Style, Philosophical Way) Aikido. The second affiliate dojo is Aikido of Suenaka-Ha Ashland. We are members of Wadokai and the American International Ki Development and Philosophical Society, founded by Roy Y. Suenaka Soke.

As members of Wadokai (Peaceful Way Society) and students of Suenaka Sensei, we have a passport of privileged opportunity to a direct personal relationship to one who has devoted the majority of his life to the diligent study of the martial arts — with over 50-years dedicated to the Art of Aikido. During the course of the year, numerous events are held throughout the Wadokai organization; winter and summer camps, seminars, testing, and other gatherings which permit our students an up-close training experience under the vigilante and guiding direction of Sensei himself. He is multi-faceted filled with humility and gratitude. An unassuming and personable teacher that is deeply respected, he freely shares his vast wealth of knowledge through his tireless martial teaching throughout our organization. All that he asks is a sincere attitude toward learning. Just as O’Sensei was considered a living national treasure in Japan, Suenaka Sensei is equally considered a treasure – a priceless treasure, to those of us who have the unique privilege of calling him…”Our Sensei”. ”

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