“Aikido Secrets Revealed” by Darren Williger

“Aikido’s circular movements can be employed in order to redirect the attacks of an aggressor back to that person. The techniques in Aikido are solely defensive. A person only has a split second to decide to dodge or block the move of an attacker .The point is not to think of how it happens but to be able to stop it. During the fight a person can make a counter attack and hope that the aggressor will be subdued. Another way that you can achieve your aims of self preservation without the use of force is by the use of Aikido.

Aikido is a martial art which relies on the use of the hands to block any moves that an opponent makes. People who wish to learn Aikido may not be able to move as quickly as experts such as Steven Siegal but they are a whole lot more effective during combat. You can’t learn Aikido just by watching other people on TV. People may choose to learn it from a book or magazine but the best thing is usually to learn the art of Aikido from a Sensei.”

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  1. Not bad, for someone who is pretty ignorant. I liked the old Whole Earth entry – Aikido is hard to explain. But it’s frustrating to fight someone who knows it.

  2. Robert Cowham says:

    Hmmmmm. Not IMO an earth shattering expose of aikido secrets for anyone with a modicum of experience in the topic. Reads rather like a Readers Digest article to me…

  3. very well, say greeting from indonesia aikidoka :)

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