“The Green Martial Art” by Jack Wada

“We are trying a new marketing approach, that of aikido as the Green Martial Art. You may have seen it on some of our new literature and our new posters. For me green means environmentally safe, connected to the earth, preserving our planet in going ahead with advances in technology. It has become quite a catch word recently.

So how can you have a green martial art? Much of aikido is based upon centering and especially grounding. We all come out of the earth. As much as there is an intangible part of us, the tangible part of us is from material that at some point originated from something that was produced by the planet. Aikido is the energy of heaven and earth. On some basis technology is of the mind so it may be an aspect of heaven. But for our culture to survive meaningfully it must have a harmony with nature, its cycles and rhythms, as well as its energies. So industry has begun to realize this. But the earth of aikido reaches back into the mythological past to when heaven and earth first separated and the original harmony between the two.”

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  1. Brett Jackson says:

    It’s a brilliant idea which is very well developed and articulated in Wada Sensei’s article. Sometimes it takes great insight to see what is clearly before our eyes like an open secret; and to have the courage to develop and articulate the new concept. To think of Aikido as the Green martial casts a lot of light on Aikido; it’s also the perfect way (IMHO) to integrate/harmonize Aikido with our current lifeworld/zeitgeist. I also want to add that I’ve had a most enjoyable seminar with Wada Sensei at Aikido of San Leandro a few years ago, and I can also say that the centered and grounded Aikido that he demonstrated there is in full accord with this concept of Aikido as the green Martial Art. (Funny, the Green Hornet also used to be one of my favorites too).

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