“Basic ideas in Aikido” by Autrelle Holland

“Foundation exercises

Tal no henka – exercise for turning the body.
Morotedori kokyuho – exercise for developing breath coordination.
Kokyu dosa – seated breath coordination exercise.

Osae waza – pins

Ikkyo – pinning with the principle of using the entire body at once, as a unified structure, in manner that emphasizes control of the elbow. Ikkyo is the foundation for all of th pins.
Nikyo – pinning by the use of downward, compacting spirals against the wrist.
Sankyo – pinning by the use of upward spiral motion used against the wrist.
Yonkyo – pinning by imparting pressure against nerve bundles in the forearm.
Gokyo – a variation that allows for defending against a knife.
Rokyo – pinning by crushing the elbow joint.”

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  1. Gil Scutti says:

    i would love to check out your notebook. Thanks.

  2. http://tinyurl.com/n7hhzx
    Here you go. It’s got about 4 more revisions before it’s ready, including the illustrations, but the meat and the potatoes of it won’t change much from this. Let me know what you think.

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