Brian Kagen pick: “Telegraphing Movements” by Charles C. Goodin

“The first time I visited Sensei Katsuhiko Shinzato in Okinawa, he demonstrated an uncanny ability to know where a punch or kick would come from. He asked me to stand in front of him and try to punch or kick him. As soon as I would begin to move he would point to the attacking arm or leg.

What was uncanny was his ability to do this before I had moved very much, or perhaps even before I had actually started moving at all. When he pointed to my arm or leg, it stopped me from moving.”

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  1. In the Chinese Kempo school where I first taught, the seifu, Bill Ponder aka Crane, taught mostly distance and center line. Another major was extending a strike without disturbing any part of the body beside the striking limb. The result can be pretty quick. If it isn’t blocked, the hips and center can be put into the last few inches of the blow to make it more convincing.

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