“Excerpts of Interview with Yutaka Kurita, 7th dan” by Alejandro Villanueva

“Today we were doing a warm-up like karate but Aikido is not that way. O-Sensei said “we don’t know any karate”. Tsuki, for example. Kanai Sensei does it this way. O-Sensei did it differently. Does it mean that O-Sensei was lying when he said there is no karate in Aikido or was Kanai Sensei lying when he said punch this way?

O-Sensei did only Aikido. Aikido is not against karate or against judo. Aikido is Aikido. Aikido’s tsuki is called furi komi, a strike diagonally up. It comes from not the open hand strike but rather like having a tanto in your hand and striking upward.”

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  1. Worth reading through. Will devote some time to this in keiko.

    That said, considering and training with the strikes you are likely to encounter from karateka and boxers seems very useful.

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