Brian Kagen pick:”How to Train for Aikido” from aikidoconnection.com

“Once you have found one or more places that offer Aikido instruction, contact them for more information. It is best to visit the location in person; this way you can meet the instructor, see the other students and how the classes are conducted, and get a feel for the energy of the dojo. Because this is a place you may be spending some time, it is important that you feel comfortable with the place and the people. If it doesn’t feel good, trust your instincts and continue looking.

When in class, keep an open mind and try your best to do the things you are shown. If the instructor tells you to do something, and you aren’t sure you can, try it anyway. Watch closely and pay attention to how your own body feels as you do the technique or have the technique done on you – both sides are equally important. Keep an open mind – don’t be limited by previous conditioning. ”

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  1. In “Shooting From Within” the author recommends giving yourself positive messages. ‘Hold steady’ rather than ‘Don’t shake’. He says the mind ignores “don’t”. So, above, one might say, “set aside previous conditioning”.

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