“Where Demons Really Live” by Nev Sagiba

“Suspicion.. forgive my heart…” goes the song. Fear clouds the mind and makes the frightened “defend” by attacking everything they do not understand. Even their best friends. Once violence starts the toxicity becomes infectious and escalates, feeding on both itself and everything in its path.

Anything different and not understood is fair game for attack and reality is revised to make the sufferer feel noble about criminal activity he dresses up and “heroism.” And you never know whether the dreaded “others” suffer from the same disease.

Get two groups each subscribing to a different fantasy myth, or greed, or other mental insecurities who are suffering the same suspicion, feed it with gossip and conflict is just around the corner, ready to explode.

Experts have deduced that the bulk of conversation is defending a stance. The rest, a small portion is communication, actually communing and transmitting knowledge and information.

Harold Pinter, the playwright, said casually in conversation, “The least word wrong, stands out, you know…”

Everything is energy. When we leave off dressing it up with our prejudices we can relate and harmonize in the best way for a given moment.

Somewhere between paranoia and compliancy is the fact as it stands. This salient aspect of precision in fact finding, “intelligence” as it tends to be oxymoronically referred to, is not only missed by the average dunderhead but also by the most funded “intelligence” agencies on the planet. That’s why massive resources such as could solve all human problems of food, water, shelter, education, medicine, repairing environments and so much more, are instead predominantly fed towards increasing the problem.

Excuses abound but doing the obviously right thing is always most economical in the long term.

“Economic crisis?” Perhaps, but in the face of the fact that the greater portion of humanity never had any facilities; could it simply be that we have painted ourselves into a corner with badly, planned, ill advised, mismanaged dishonesty rather than any real crises.

The air is still relatively breathable, the sun still rises, food still grows. Maybe this too will change, but for today, we live.

Glass half full or glass half empty, is an attitude which makes all the difference in real outcomes.

I often wonder why it is, when we are told “the economy is doing poorly” people seem well off. And when it is “doing well” people seem to be struggling. So whose “economy “ are we talking about?

In the economy of life in the universe and nature, such as it is, man’s rules fade into petty insignificance. Nature will have her own back and this with interest. Compounded. Errors are not bailed out.

On the path of daily training we find out and as a function of meting ourselves, warts and all, our good, bad and indifferent multifaceted attributes, that it is possible to become able to resolve ancient wounds of the soul. By healing our own psyches we heal that of the world.

Reconcile reactions and responses often not dealt with in the brevity of one mere lifetime. Resultantly we become prepared for such exigencies as would freeze most into a compromised result.

In Budo training persistence is everything. By chipping away indomitably forward, we progressively reaffirm our goals in manageable steps towards an improved ideal. And a better attitude and way of looking at things as they are.

Practicing fully conscious and precise action in the present moment transforms. Doing this to discover the most harmonious possibility, even more so.

The complacent tend to cling to and repeat the errors of the past instead of learning from them and making them the steppingstones that mistakes are intended to be.

Our training becomes a barometer for our real status and relationship with the world, whereby we can measure ourselves and correct the weaknesses of openings otherwise detrimental.

We find out things about ourselves we either did not know or did not want to admit to. All good because in bursting these boils of stagnant energy we free up the brighter circulation of the spirit.

One Aikido class, properly conducted is the equivalent life compression of many years. Conducted in a sacred space of mutual respect, this being paramount, it brings about remarkable awakenings.

The triggering of old rages, feelings, reactions and other foibles to the surface is more than many can experience in one life.

There is only one place those shadows of fear dwell and only one place they can be eradicated: And that is within oneself.

This is the beginning of the principle of Aiki taking root on earth and growing towards heaven. Where Ten and Chi meet is Aiki; and the real human being is a conduit for this mighty, yet gentle expression.

The more you practice the better it gets.

Nev Sagiba


  1. bruce baker says:

    THE NEW LANGUAGE … the new slang … turns the simplest phrases into insults, and challenges.

    We have lost the meaning of words, and the younger generation does what every generation does, they create their own language of slang! How can we compete with that mindset?

    How can we find the harmony when they are seeking disharmony?

    Constant actions that show we are not what their ideas of words seem to imply. We must,over long periods of time, maintain our commitment to keep our actions within a boundary that shows we are not who they think we are in the light of their attempt to pull us into a fight, or change our known language into their slang.

    I am a victim of this slang, this,” …. why don’t you just shut the hell up because you are always starting something!” when I think I am making a harmless comment for a discussion. My only weapons are discussion, or to simply keep on keeping on as my actions speak louder than words.

    This is but one persistence of self to chip away at ignorance and this new slang-gang language, or this new generation language that attempts to turn our harmless words into something synister and something sexually inappropriate.

    Maybe it happened to be me because I was stuck in the midst of a bunch of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) young people who go off at the least little negative comment. I sometimes wonder if they were shot at with a shot-gun full of salt … how much that would affect their fragile psyche? What would happen to some of the fragile children of today if they had some of my violent experiences? I wonder?

    What? You never have been shot at by a farmer with a load of rock salt? Never had to talk your way out of being killed by some Mob guy? Never been insulted by a group of idiots the should have their butts kicked? Never had someone run a rumor game on you that you couldn’t fix? Welcome to my world …. where persistence, where chipping away at some story someone has created is only fixed by long term persistence.

    Yeah, I have been thrown off this sight and few others because people complain, but then … they don’t understand the duality of speaking to discuss, to understand the darkness while trying to live in the light. Aikido is not all about sweetness and light but learning to deal with darkness in you as well as in the world around you.

    Harmony is not about ignoring the bad, but learning to lean towards the good. Harmony is about chipping away at those who can be helped, and not letting the emotional toll of not being able to help everyone take control over you. Yeah, there will always be the twinge of regret, but there can not be good without evil, positive without negative, as our goal is to lean towards the good, the positive without throwing the balance off so that eventually .. the balance swings wildly in either direction.

    That, my friend … is understanding the nature of the universe around us.

    Ya can’t fix everything, or make everything go your way, but chipping away, being persistent can yeild some pretty interesting results over time and distance. You can be discouraged, but if you don’t give up .. you will always get some positive results, eventually .. especially if that that was your goal in the first place.

  2. One of these days I’m going to check out “The Diogenes Project” which is involved with raising the subconscious interpretation of body language and facial expression to the level of consciousness.

    One time I remember, as an adult, being really afraid of nothing. I was camped on a mountainside and on the other side of the valley would appear a progression of bright flickering lights. I was tired, camped at 8000′ which is marginally high for me, and couldn’t assign a reason. The unknown nature of the phenomenon grew on me and became fear. When I figured out that it was reflectors on a highway being lit by the (almost invisible) headlights of passing cars… 😉

  3. Brett Jackson says:

    I like the way you put that: Harmony begins when you leave off dressing up energy with prejudices (like “my style is better than your style” talk). Course, socialization is what teaches us to see that energy with those prejudices. Thanks to socialization or everydayness we all start off (as young adults) as zombies. Somehow through some form of education (by no means only had in school) we have to find our way through to some light on the other side. Then those of us who have left off that dressing-up of what-is have the task of harmonizing with those who haven’t. We have to harmonize with the zombies. Some groups of zombies are more dangerous than others. It’s most difficult not to mention risky to harmonize with the most dangerous of those groups. There are points of no return (zombies that cannot be harmonized with without leaving oneself completely vulnerable). Of course we hope to do whatever possible to prevent those points of no return from arising.

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