Brian Kagen pick: “Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training” by C.M. Shifflett

“Exercises, tools, and toys for illustrating and honing basic Aikido skills from rolling to specific techniques, with extensive cross-referencing to other writers, other styles, other resources. Page references are provided to standard texts such as Total Aikido (used by Yoshinkan styles) Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere (used by Aikikai and Ki Society styles).

The Dynamic Sphere translation table translates the notoriously unwieldy numbering system of this otherwise excellent book into more common dojo terms complete with page references. For example, “Immobilization #2 against Attack #1″ is better known as Katate-tori nikyo. Find this throw on page 180 of Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere or get details on nikyo itself on pages 174-177. For still more information, you will be referred to pages 96-97 of Total Aikido.”

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  1. More books and teaching material – a good sign for the health of aikido.

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