Brian Kagen pick: “Authenticity in Koryu” by Jeff Broderick

“The best koryu have been passed down from generation to generation from the time of the samurai. The best warriors distilled their knowledge of practical fighting techniques and the skills necessary to survive a life-and-death struggle, and taught them faithfully to their students, who, through long and hard study, and deep insight into the techniques, mastered the techniques themselves and, in turn, passed them on unchanged to their students. And so on through the ages.

If that view is correct, then koryu represent not only a priceless cultural/anthropological heritage, but also an invaluable insight into effective combat techniques. Unlike modern “budo”, these koryu “bujutsu”, having been handed down from the time when life-and-death battles were a reality, must reflect true, killing techniques.”

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  1. Excellent. The question is, largely, whether the koryu has preserved the essential effectiveness of the original technique. There is no question in my mind that if you train in a koryu you will gain important mental and physical training.

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