“The Sorcery of Common Sense” by Nev Sagiba

It is said that common sense is no longer common but I would like to stay optimistic about human potential’s ability to became active and continually reactivate itself.

We’ve survived millions of years so we must be doing something half right as a species as we fumble and bumble forwards despite ourselves.

Many years ago a lady who had seen an Aikido demo determined in her mind that it was some kind of wizardry and determined to meet the sensei whom she thought, in her own words, was a wizard. A groupie type, she intended to have a “relationship” with this dude and presumably syphon some of the magic. Ahem. Thereby contributing somewhat to one of his temporary falls from grace.

How many of these stories are out there? How many senseis and would be groupies have learnt the hard way that this is a gross delusion which ends up in either bad results or marriage or both?

If there is any wizardry in Aikido it lies not furtive trysts and wrestling in bed, but rather is regular training. The pain of change, not the pleasures of silliness.

If there exists any “sorcery” at all, it is that of commonsense accrued in practice which unfurls the blinders of delusion to enable the noticing of that which is, simply as it is; and the continual edits, tweaks and fine adjustments made as awakening and noticing increase.

There are no short cuts.

Simply TRAIN!

Nev Sagiba


  1. …but would you rather go to a bar to find a companion? Preferred dojo romances, myself. Of course I wasn’t sitting in front in those days, either. So there wasn’t the same ethical issue as there would be for an instructor.

  2. Brett Jackson says:

    Moral of the story: You can’t trick a Sensei out of his (or her) Ki (chi), or, not all Sensei’s are good in the sack.

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