“The Hardest Falls in Aikido” by Eric R.C. Holcomb

“It had to come some time. This is my first “Top Whatever” list. I’m sure throngs of Diggers will pick it to pieces… Ha! Anyway, these are the falls that give me the most grief — especially with a new partner or someone I know I don’t trust.

4) Kubinage 首投げ
This is a trust issue, if I don’t know my nage I don’t like to do this one as my neck connects several of my favorite parts.”

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  1. At old Oakland we threw hard and by necessity had to develop a system to deal with it. I’ll call it “one fall”. All falls are variations on the forward roll. Normal sitting backfalls are simply forward falls in reverse. The ones that are usually less mentally comfortable vary off what we used to call “back-forward” rolls. Do ’em off the back foot, to the rear, without looking; otherwise it is a simple forward roll. To begin with you can do them to the side and peek. Anyway, nobody trains with me to speak of, but Jimmy Friedman probably still teaches the progression.

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