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“There have been numerous times where I have almost added to the threads. The last time was the “Techniques for Self Defense” thread. Where the gist of the thread was “what technique would you use to defend yourself?” My thought on it was no technique just aikido (and trust me no one would say my aikido was of the aiki-bunny vintage) but wasn’t sure how to explain it further until the other night at class.

The other night someone made the comment to me about how difficult it is for him currently to teach aikido because in demonstrating a technique you have to do that one technique no matter what Uke gives you. In his practice he explained he was working on being on being receptive to what he is given by uke. He explained that this was aiki, so one time what uke gives you may become ikkyu and the next time it could become iriminage. You accept what is given and move with it. But when instructing you needed to demonstrate the technique rather then the aiki so that people can learn the techniques.”

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  1. Excellent point. I have a couple STRONG students. So, particularly when they’re both attached they sometimes get an idea of what I want to do. Then, to improve my training, they make it difficult. And it does improve my training! I have to do the technique they’ve set themselves up for rather than anything I might have planned.

    It’s important to provide resistance where possible. How else can the effortless path be appreciated? But you have to be discreet. There are natural blocks to techniques. They open the door to other stuff, but in a structured basic class they make life difficult.

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