Brian Kagen pick: “The Chronological Biography of Nakamura Tempu” by Sawai Atsuhiro and H. E. Davey

“1876 – Nakamura Tempu Sensei was born on July 30 at Oji Mura, Toyoshima Gun, Tokyo Fu (presently known as Oji, Kitaku, Tokyo To). His father was Sukeoki, and his mother was Chou. He was born Nakamura Saburo, their third son.

Nakamura Sukeoki was from the Yanagawa Clan (1) in Kyushu and a high-ranking central government official, Director of the Department of the Mint in the Finance Ministry. Nakamura Saburo’s mother is said to have been a bright and cheerful woman from the Capital of Edo (now Tokyo) (2).”

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