“A Good Goal” by Gregor Erdmann

“As humans we are limited in our capabilities. It’s this that makes life interesting, breeds creativity and generally gives us purpose in life. While tackling problems head on does have its benefits, generally a more sophisticated and intelligent approach is desirable. We know that it is important to have a goal, but even more essential is to have the right goal. A cleverly selected goal will see you gliding through life instead of bouncing from obstacle to obstacle like a pin-ball machine.

Remember those baby toys with the differently shaped blocks and differently shaped holes. The aim being, pass each block through the correct hole into the box below.”

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  1. Good conclusion. In my professional life I’m usually able to accomplish goals with a lot less effort than my peers and competitors. They think I cheat. I think I sort out the important and leave the unimportant alone or at least deal with it later.

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