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I ran across this fascinating video clip on youtube while doing a bit of research on yoga. I have been dabbling in this discipline to strengthen my back. What do you think of this from the standpoint of the martial artist?

Shadow Yoga, founded by Zhander Remete, is a Hatha Yoga system designed to integrate the common principles of yoga asana, martial arts, dance, and Ayurvedic/Siddha medicine. The starting point consists of 3 standing prelude forms, all devised to prepare the body for asana-vinyasa. The full practice format consists of prelude forms, asanas, inversions, bandhas, kriyas, mudras, pranayama and pratyahara.

Click here to view video clip on youtube.


  1. Taihen says:

    OMG !!!! Someone finally brought this ancient and secret practice to the West. I’m going to go out and get certified as a Shadow Yoga instructor so I can have a new career. This will make big bucks in my dojo. This is so much cooler than real yoga!

  2. Peter C says:

    To strengthen your back, ask a PT (personal trainer) for advice and start hitting the gym.

    If you want martial arts, train a martial art, preferably one where there is full contact (judo is good) randori and/or sparring. Note that this rules out most aikido schools.

    If you want the other stuff mentioned in the video, by all means go ahead!

  3. Both these comments are a bit cynical.

    First there is no Shadow Yoga Teacher Training program, the training, like Aikido is still based on personal interest not a new career.

    Second, I know lots of people who weaken their backs at the gym by only working the large muscle groups in repetitive and mechanical ways. This is clearly not that.

    Third, this is clearly not an external martial art like judo nor is it claiming to be. It is an internal energy cultivation practice which includes elements that are essential to that process but largely not present in many of the so called styles of yoga that are popular.

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