“Interview with Ms. Hiroku Tai” by Kenta Shimizu

“When I started with Aikido I was relatively tall compared with other women, und when I practiced with men, I used a lot of physical strength. I think that I practiced with a face showing that I did not want to loose against the men. But of course there is a difference to men regarding physical strength, and I was troubled quickly. In the same year at the university was a small built girl among the students, who of course was no physical match for the much taller men, and she simply practiced her way. One day she made sudden progress. In Aikido you do not collide with the frontal power of an attack, but it is a Budo art, where you ward off an attack, and react using natural movements. This girl very quickly became aware that she was not able to perform the techniques using physical strength, and she used this knowledge to her advantage. She was fully aware of her abilities and practiced an Aikido with a lively body. When I watched this girl, I thought that this was the way to turn your own weakness into forte.”

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  1. Once watched Terry Dobson stonewalling a little Japanese woman on ikkyo irimi. Her problem was that she wanted to enter directly. No way. Terry was easily a foot and a half taller and twice as big. Eventually she got his point and entered obliquely.

    In general, American men tend begin working from their upper body and using too much muscle. And generally American women tend to use too little arm strength but more quickly get the hip-power thing.

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