“Interview with Christian Tissier Shihan” by Guillaume Erard

“After a very dynamic morning class, we went for a very pleasant lunch with Christian Tissier and some comity members of the AFA in a lovely brasserie in Brussels. There we had an informal talk and the two Shihan of the day (Christian Tissier had just awarded Dany Leclerre with this distinction on behalf of Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba that very morning) shared many colourful anecdotes about their many years of practice. We then headed back for the afternoon class and it is later in the afternoon that Ivan (my colleague from Aikidoka Magazine) and I met Sensei again in his changing room to finally ask him all the questions that we had prepared for so long. He pointed very intense blue eyes on us, giving us his complete attention for over an hour (almost forgetting heading back to catch his flight in the process…). He answered questions with great precision and a disarming honesty which made the interview all the more interesting and enjoyable. We mainly went through the specificities of his teaching as well as the general organisation and functioning of Aikido.”

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  1. A friend has the dojo at Punauiaa in Tahiti. The neat thing is that the Ministry of Sport pays the rent. The not-neat thing is that with money floating around dojo politics takes on a new meaning.

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