“Overtraining” by Amos Gil’ad

“1. The object of all training is to increase performance ability. When training is successful, performance ability increases. Not without limit: As you approach the genetically predetermined limits of your potential, the _rate_ of increase goes down. But even long before that, there may be times in which there is no change – so-called plateaux or sticking points. This is natural. There are also times at which performance ability decreases: Planned decreases, for recuperation (for example, during the transition period in a properly periodized annual cycle) or Accidental ones: Because of injury, illness or even stress unrelated to sports (familial, academic, financial are obvious examples). **When specific performance ability decreases without any apparent reason, often while general ability is unimpaired, overtraining may be the culprit**”

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  1. Aikido overtraining is unusual in America. It is really cool that somebody in sports medicine has addressed it specifically. A good read.

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