Brian Kagen pick:”Tempu Nakamura” from wikipedia.com

“Born in Tokyo, Japan, his original name was Saburo (Japanese: 三郎). He was the son of Nakamura Sukeoki (中村祐興 1829-1909) of Fukuoka-ken and Nakamura Teu (中村テウ 1858-1928) of Tokyo, known as Edo at the time. His father introduced the use of paper money in Japan when he served as the bureau director of the Japanese Ministry of Finance. Tempu Nakamura later moved to Fukuoka-shi (福岡市, Fukuoka City), Fukuoka-ken (福岡県) to live with a relative. Once there, he took private lessons from an Englishman and enrolled in the Shüyükan (Japanese: 修猷館, now Fukuoka Prefectural Shuyukan High School in Sawara-ku) school where English was the medium of instruction and where he became proficient in his family’s style of judo (随変流) and also trained in kenjutsu and iaijutsu. During judo practice, he totally defeated an opponent from Kumamoto who then tried to kill Nakamura in revenge. In the violent encounter, Nakamura stabbed and killed his assailant, which was ruled legitimate self-defence. He left the school and joined Genyosha ultra-nationalist secret society, forming a friendship with Toyama Mitsuru.”

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  1. I love these little bits of backstory.

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