“Business Aikido” by Mark Walsh

“I spent an enjoyable and full-on day at the London ExCeL this Wednesday for the CIPD 2009 HRD Exhibition and Conference. I was researching others working with stress, team building and leadership and visiting friends at the training exhibition.

There was plenty of what I’d call “old business” on show – dull stands using boring big words and people impersonating David Brent or US-style positive thinking gurus. Authenticity, “Conscious Business” or “Human Business” involving moving beyond adversarial models is still far from the norm. I listened to one presenter talk about negotiation who said he didn’t believe in “win-win” and used the word “opponent” a dozen times. He’s not my opponent, I don’t believe his world-view will result in anyone “winning” or that it’s what’s needed to get us out of the current mess. Just a fervent prayer…”

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  1. Cool tie. I congratulate Mr. Heckler on his success in the business of aikido.

  2. …think I would prefer the tie in Japanese calligraphy, though. Is it in English because the Japanese economy has been in the tank so long?

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