On Youtube.com: The “Koru Dojo” in New Zealand

Nice video clip of the “Koru Dojo” of David Lynch Sensei of New Zealand. It is a unique structure, set in a beautiful natural environment, well worth visiting, even if you do not have time to stay and train. “Koru” is the Maori word for the curled fern tree frond and signifies “new beginnings” or “creativity.” Also known as the “Aiki Dome,” the new dojo is an ideal venue for gasshuku training camps.

Click here to view video clip.


  1. bruce baker says:

    As we surround ourselves, deeper and deeper, in civilization with its tall buildings and narrow streets, we lose touch with nature and our symbiotic connection to nature and the simple lessons we can find there.

    Perhaps the only way to remember our connection is to keep our thoughts returning to Aikido and that it’s strength springs from connecting to Nature itself.

    Given a choice, not that I have one with my ethical and moral obligations being what they are, I would love to combine what David Lynch teaches with lessons in what the shorthand of Aikido means in terms of martial arts integrity, what is hidden within the practice, what is needed for physical health and mental well-being, as well as including Aikido in a round-table college of martial arts studies.

    I think we will need to use what Sensei Lynch has as model for other retreats around the world where some of us can be the voice of reason in a sea of madness, at least when those times are upon us as they often are in history. I am feeling jailed by the eradication of nature all around me as I look into valleys that were once lush farmlands in New Jersey but all I see are houses, buildings, streets, and industrialization where nature once existed.

    There is a madness upon the world to destroy nature, but we are part of nature and that nature supports the human animal in it’s existence. At some point … we have to control our own population, our own pestilence upon the world or we will be the cause of our own extinction.

    And ya know what … the nature will return in some ten-thousand or hundred thousand years, but the human race will not … we will be the bones, the garbage, the fossils in the ground for some future civilization to find.

    I could be wrong, but I think …. aikido and it’s non-violent way of interaction while maintaining martial integrity is one of those tools for awakening the mind, the body, the spirit of the human being who is part of nature, not separate from nature.

    Yep … if you have the money, the time .. the inclination … travel to New Zealand … and immerse yourself …. given a chance to have my druthers … I certainly would love to spend some time there …. wouldn’t you?

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