“Founder of the Tendoryu-Aikido” from tendoryu-aikido.org

“Kenji Shimizu was borne in the year 1940 in Fukuoka-ken Kahogunhonami-machi Tendo in Japan. With 13 years he started practicing Judo and reached the 4th dan Judo by the Kodokan after 10 years. 1962 he graduated from the Meiji University.

In the year 1963 he started with Aikido as one of the last Uchi-Deshi (personal student) of the founder of Aikido, O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, and was later graduated up to the 8th dan.

After the death of O-Sensei in 1969 Shimizu Sensei founded the independent Shimizu Dojo in Tokyo and changed the name of his Dojo to Tendokan six years later.

Only three years later, in 1978, he hold the first seminars in the former West-Germany, and yearly seminars in Slovenia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and France and other countries followed.”

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