“Interview with Henry Kono” by Guillaume Erard

“What makes Henry Kono’s experience truly special is that he was the only foreigner to be able to speak Japanese. According to Kono himself, it was this very capacity to understand both Japanese and occidental cultures that allowed him to make a unique interpretation of what O Sensei was really doing. For the last ten years, Henry Kono has been regularly visiting Ireland and it was during one of his visits to Dublin that I got the chance to sit down with him one afternoon and talk about it all. Henry usually stays very discreet but he kindly accepted to spend a few hours explaining me, one more time, what it was all about. We ended up spending over 3 hours together on a rainy morning of April drinking gallons of tea and smoking rolled cigarettes, with Henry never hesitating to get up and demonstrate his concepts, either on my good friend Daithí, who hosted our meeting, or myself. to teach “whoever wants to learn.”

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  1. bruce baker says:

    Good article …

    Some things are so confusing when people look for deep meanings, or write profoundly that there is more behind it than there is.

    Well maybe there is more behind the technique, and maybe you will find it’s deep meanings, but then … maybe …. each of us needs some clues along the way to help us?

    Ya just don’t want make someone else’s journey into yours, or try to mold their journey into a clone of your experiences. Each of us must find our own way as we journey, even though we encounter those that can help us, and us who can help others along that road of life.

    I return to the old lesson of … you can ask a question … but the person you are asking smiles and silently walks away.

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