Brian Kagen pick: “Aikido teaches skills to troubled youth” by Trish Hollenbeck

“Adam Loomis, an intake officer for the Washington County Juvenile Court system, marveled at how youths reacted on the first day of their Aikido martial arts class in January.

“One thing I noticed, right off, here are 10 kids with varying degrees of problems, either at home or with the law or with the courts,” Loomis said.

“All 10 of these kids were sitting quietly, watching the instructor, paying attention, not acting up. That was a shock almost.”

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  1. Jorge Lopez says:

    It is certainly amazing how kids react when they face Aikido. They “suddenly become” organized, coordinated, and respectful.

    Even parents tend to react and change when faced to their children after they children do some weeks of Aikido.

    Children recognize your authority but with no fear; they just respect you and the Dojo rules. As a consequence in most cases, fathers start to receive the “benefits” of this behavior. Their children are less aggressive, more organized at home, and respectful.

    We had a mother that one day asked me “how can keep 22 children so quiet and organized? what’s the trick?” My answer was simple: let them early what the rules are, show them that you love them, respect them, and let them know that aggression is not neccesary to resolve a conflict.

    Another mother used to stay at the Dojo to watch her daughter training and I noticed that she (Mom) was always watching her like a supervisor. When this happen she reacted awkwardly; then I suggested her mother to watch her through a window so the little lady did not “feel” her presence. It was a great surprise to the mother how different she reacted. I kindly requested the mother to stay home for some time. Weeks later she came by again and told me how grateful she was about our class. She now knew how good this class was “for both” Mom and daugther.

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