Aiki No Kami: The international Aikido gathering in Montreal!

2009 is a very special year for Aikido in Quebec. In the same way than Aiki Expo, which occurred a few years ago in the United States, we try to unite Aikido practitioners of all styles under the same roof, with friendly events. We believe that Montreal has all the potential to be a cornerstone of Aikido in America, as it already has the biggest dojo in Canada (Montreal Aikikai).

Aiki No Kami is a unique event that opens the door on the future of Aikido:

1. Integration: all styles join together to share their experience
2. Montreal, cornerstone of Aikido: turn the city into a must for all the great names from around the world
3. Build the first step for a yearly event: a stage for Aikido exponents of today and tomorrow

Goal for Aiki No Kami 2010: 10-15 Sensei from Japan, United States and Europe

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