Brian Kagen pick: “The True Significance of Kashima Spiritual Transmission” by Seki Humitake

“The warrior arts (hyôhô) of our family initially were personally received as a spiritual gift [from the deity of Kashima]. Thus we call our art Kashima-Shinryû [The Kashima Spiritual Style]. The record of how this was inherited by successive generations, and the changes of names incurred therein, is summarized below:

The founder of Kashima-Shinryû was MATSUMOTO Bizen-no-kami Ki no Masamoto, a resident of the province of Hitachi. Morning and evening he offered prayers in the august presence of Kashima so that he might conform to the divine will. One evening in a dream he was given a single scroll, the same scroll once dedicated to the Kashima Deity by Genkurô Yoshitsune. Because this was a spiritual transmission (shinden), he called this style Shinkage (“Divine Shade” or “Abetted by the Gods”) Ryû.

KUNII Kagetsugu of the Minamoto clan of Hitachi subsequently helped him perfect this style.”

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  1. Lengthy. If you have time and are interested in history. There are lots of threads hanging out. Are some of the names familiar from things they wrote and I read in a different context? I don’t know…

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