Ellis Amdur reviews “Noriaki Inoue: Aikido’s Forgotten Pioneer”

Ellis Amdur has written a review of our recently-released DVD titled “Noriaki Inoue: Aikido’s Forgotten Pioneer” hosted at aikiweb.com.

“The few minutes of film on AikiNews’ Asahi Shinbun film of Ueshiba Morihei have engendered endless discussion and speculation. It is from this film clip that many assert that they understand Ueshiba’s aiki-budo, when he was at the peak of his physical powers.

As many know, Ueshiba was in the company of his nephew, Inoue Noriaki, 18 years his junior, through most of his studies in Daito-ryu. As a teenager, Inoue witnessed his uncle train with Takeda Sokaku, and the two of them worked out together as Ueshiba, over the years, tried to figure out what he learned. Due to personal matters, Inoue and Ueshiba broke with each other and after WWII, rarely had contact. Inoue continued to associate with the Omoto-kyo, and in addition, continued to develop his own interpretation of aiki-budo under a variety of names, finally entitled Shin-ei Taido.”

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