Brian Kagen pick: “Defending Against Grappler Using Aikido” from aikiweb.com

“Hi Tim
I spend time training with grapplers who ask if they can just go at it (no strikes though-that’s different training) all out to try and take me down. I never fight back and don’t do a single definable waza, until they collapse in a sweaty heap. I don’t think someone who just started re-training their bodies are going to get there. It takes time to strengthen and tune your connections so that speed and direction become axiomatic. I only know what we do, and I am not privy to others methods. From the beginning steps I have people moving against resistance and in short order resistance from all sides and angles. With that, there are ways to train to have your connections hold while being fluid and ever changing, then certain things to do, and ways to do them that make instant change of directed forces coming into you. The real key is learning to nuetralize and “change” fast moving power. Grapplers aren’t going to use single point forces, or continue a push something that isn’t working, we will change. Add in fients and dodges and their own changes and it becomes easy to see that trying to “do” things is not the answer. Usually when the body feels vulnerable its resorts to waza or “fight back.” It will forever vex you and hold you back until you “train-through-it.” Most people won’t. They will forever continue to fight back and use waza to bolster vulnerable position changes and engage.”

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