“Yin Yang 2” by Gregor Erdmann

“The outlining principle of Yin and Yang is easy enough to grasp in theory, but translating it into something physical we can repeatedly execute is usually another matter. The difficulty of this was reinforced for me when observing one of my student executing the basic ikkyo technique.

Whenever we are asked to ‘do’ something, the natural tendency is to ‘try’. As a result we lose our centre. In a grappling fashion, we attempt to wrestle our opponent’s arm and if we are more skilled, their body towards the mat. This approach to ikkyo results in a sense of over-extension which is manifested by having to catch up with our opponent as they fold in submission. This is even more apparent from a kneeling position. We have all seen this before – the uke falling away from a nage who is struggling to maintain control.”

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