“Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba’s Visit to the Aikido Club of Atlanta on April 19, 1974″ by Lamar Sanders

“I was a hydrologist for the U. S. Geological Survey for 43 years, and have been a hydraulic engineer for the South Carolina Department of Transportation for 4 years. I began Aikido in Atlanta in 1972. I studied with Rodney Grantham from 1972-79, Clyde Takeguchi and Gordon Sakamoto in Washington, DC, 1979-84, and have been sensei of Columbia Aikikai in Columbia, SC since 1984.

Sensei Rodney Grantham founded the Aikido Center of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia, around 1966. As far as I know, this was the first Aikido school in Georgia. Other pioneers of Aikido were Sensei Tom Walker of Titusville, Florida and Sensei Ed Baker of Orlando, Florida. Sensei Clyde Takeguchi founded a school in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina only a few years later.”

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