“Awaken Your Feet” by Gregor Erdmann

“From the moment we are born, our feet are covered by socks, bound by shoes and generally desensitised. Furthermore, we walk on unnaturally flat hard featureless surfaces with relatively obstacle-free paths to get from A to B. Comparatively we are using our hands and fingers more and more with jobs involving pens, keyboards and data entry terminals.

With this in mind, I shouldn’t be surprised that we navigate our world as if we have two blocks of wood for feet. The stifling of our feet affects our legs and hips, and as a result much of our vertical movement is derived from our back. Compare the major joints in our legs and hips with the vertebrae in our spine. The joints in the lower halves of our bodies are fashioned as sturdy ball-and-sockets which are designed to provide a large range of motion. Our spines however are made for bearing weight in a single direction and providing some shock absorption and limited movement.”

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