Aikido Training in Las Vegas: “Extend Yourself” by Brandon Clapp

After practice one night I started to realize that I was feeling something different when doing several of the techniques. I believe I have progressed recently due to a new understanding of proper movement while doing Suwariwaza. Being able to break down the movement in this fashion has also helped me gain greater sensitivity over the resulting forces that arise after each partner grabs. The key to my latest progress came from getting my whole body to work as one unit, our natural will is to try and power through this exercise with only our arms doing the work. Sensei had us putting our arms out and holding them (with ki extended) in front of our bodies kind of like a frame. A frame that when connected to our hips leads us to not use a portion of our body, but in turn a whole body movement. When this is done it becomes very easy to move your partner off balance then to the resulting throw.

Aikido Journal Editor Stanley Pranin is conducting regular classes in Las Vegas on Mondays and Thursdays, 7:00-8:30 pm

The home dojo is located near the South Point Casino and Iwama Aikido is the style practiced. If you live in the area or are a visitor and would like to stop by you may contact us as described below:

– Go to the following link:
– Select the “Aikido Training in Las Vegas” topic from the drop-down menu
– Write a brief resume of your aikido training background, if any, describe your training goals, mention the area of town you live in, and provide an email and contact telephone number. We will contact each interested person and arrange a meeting to go over our training plans and answer any questions you might have.


  1. bruce baker says:

    The secret to all ‘ki extension” is so simple because in effect it is both self hypnotism while one is awake, and the sending of subliminal signals to one’s training partner or opponent, but just like a magicians trick, to make the audience think they are seeing something they are not, or thinking something other than figuring out how the actual trick/ manipulation works … it is EXTREMELY difficult to explain or to learn how to do the trick also.

    It is not a trick, and yet .. it is at the same time a trick because the master practitioner can do it and the novice can not.

    How long it will take for the teacher to impart his/her methods to practice the technique, and gain the tools to do the choses practice technique is up to the student who can learn by doing, by attaining a proper state of mind during the class.

    Indeed, we are using tools to train our body and mind to be able to “SWITCH ON” and perform the physical feats people/ onlookers see us do. What is difficult beyond the physical is the set of MENTAL SIGNALS we must embed in the mind to act in tandem with the physical movements of our body.

    Just like any master of any trade, of any skill, not everyone will become master practitioners. Many of us will become journeymen who have some skill in many practices, and we must learn to be satisfied with just who we is, not who we is not, cause folks which does dat, is the happiest lot.

    There … the keys to the kingdom are yours … novice practitioners. Now, go figure out what it means and train to become the master practitioner.

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