Brian Kagen pick: “The 12 Ways to Practice” from Traditional Aikido of Sonoma

“Marsalis’ advice may seem deceptively simple, perhaps even obvious. And yet, how many times during taijutsu practice, when Sensei corrects your movements, have you thought, “That’s such a simple movement! I’m making it way more complicated than it needs to be”?

The only place the word “think” appears in the above 12 Ways is in example #10: Think for Yourself. This does not mean think; it means “be who you are”. It means take what is offered to you, and make it a part of you. Over-thinking a technique is a common part of the learning process, yet it seems to be a brick in the path to the goal of connecting your body and mind.

Example #4 tells us to concentrate. Not think. For aikido, we may translate “concentrate” to mean focus. Intent. Purpose. Direction. Drawing uke into your sphere, if you prefer. When you are in the moment, the moment is all that there is.”

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  1. Mark E. White says:

    Very interesting article.
    I have been studying aikido for 21 years. Two years ago I began learning how to play the guitar. I have come to beleive that the 2 are very similiar – different arrangements of the same song.

    These suggestions from this great jazz musician seems to provide confirmation.

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