“Interview with Morihiro Saito Sensei” by Pad

“While re-reading some back issues of Aiki News magazines the other day, I came across an article of an interview with Saito sensei back in May 1979.

The question raised by the editor; was about the danger that what O Sensei taught us will become changed over the course of time into what can no longer be regarded as Aikido. So what would you regard to be fundamentally important points when you teach?

Saito Sensei replied: it is to adhere to basics. People think light of basic and are attracted to fancy techniques. Nowadays one cannot be regarded as good unless he does fancy things. This he said back in 1979 nearly thirty years ago, he also mention that, “It is wrong for a martial artist to try to make a living from students’ tuition by teaching budo”. The reason for this he say’s is that a martial artist shouldn’t be worried about his personnel financial situation, because he will end up giving rank to weak students or he will give special treatment and be biased favour of their gifts.”

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  1. This is a real martial koan, “how do you teach “the real thing” and still pay the rent?” The problem goes back to Musashi, “…the flower is valued above the fruit…” Musashi solved the problem by ending his days living in a cave. I enjoy the hospitality of a hapkido school at the moment, but also train in the park.

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