Aikido in Las Vegas: “Just Go!” by Mike Smith

I’ve been training in Las Vegas for several months now under Mr. Pranin. I’ve enjoyed learning from him as well as the other students. We meet twice a week in the evenings and I wish we could meet more. I look forward to the classes and learn new things about the art as well as myself every time.

I had a conversation after a class several weeks ago with a fellow student, Brandon. The topic was more or less about commitment. Sometimes life can get in the way of your goals and dreams. I have a wife and two kids and plenty of responsibilities. At times it seems impossible to fit it all in. Brandon also has his own life going on outside of Aikido and told me he had received some advice a while back which helped him. “JUST GO”. Just figure out a way to get to every class and you will reap the benefits in more ways than you could imagine.

Since that conversation, Mr. Pranin has been gracious enough to allow me to bring my kids to his house on a couple of occasions so that I could practice, whereas before I would have stayed home and waited for the wife to get home and missed class entirely. I never realized the impact Aikido would have on my life. Life is just going to keep happening and unraveling regardless of what you think or “know”, and I feel as though Aikido is giving me the tools to accept, blend and overcome life’s challenges with grace and diginity as opposed to fighting against it and feeling defeated. Now, when I miss a class, I feel something missing. In the short time that I’ve been training and studying I’ve been noticing positive changes in my life both physically and mentally. My approach to life has changed for the better and for that I am gratetful. I’ve studied other forms of martial arts in the past and have had excellent teachers but Mr. Pranin is the finest teacher I’ve ever had without question. I feel lucky to have found this class and these people I train with but I don’t, for one moment, believe it was luck. Aikido has seamlessly become a part of my life and now I don’t think about going to class, I just go.

Aikido Journal Editor Stanley Pranin is conducting regular classes in Las Vegas on Mondays and Thursdays, 7:00-8:30 pm

The home dojo is located near the South Point Casino and Iwama Aikido is the style practiced. If you live in the area or are a visitor and would like to stop by you may contact us as described below:

– Go to the following link:
– Select the “Aikido Training in Las Vegas” topic from the drop-down menu
– Write a brief resume of your aikido training background, if any, describe your training goals, mention the area of town you live in, and provide an email and contact telephone number. We will contact each interested person and arrange a meeting to go over our training plans and answer any questions you might have.

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