“Aikido and Job Interviews” by David Shevitz

“I recognize that I’ve been a little quiet as of late. I could blame the holiday season, which is partially true, but there have been a number of new changes to my daily routine, and it has taken me a few
weeks to adjust.

Perhaps the most significant change is in regards to my occupation.
You see, last week I had the opportunity to start a new job at Microsoft. Now, under normal circumstances this wouldn’t have anything to do with aikido. But take a moment and do a few searches on the Microsoft interview experience, and you’ll find many blogs, articles, and so on about how grueling “the loop” can be. And indeed, the experience was one of the more intense ones I’ve encountered.”

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  1. Brandon Clapp says:

    I don’t have an experience at a job interview, but I do have one that comes from my apartment complex. A few days after I just moved into my new apartment I needed to put together a couple of book cases that I had just bought. I knew this might make some noise so I was sure to do it before 10:00 p.m.. Well after pounding away and completing the first one I shortly began on the second, within a few minutes of starting the second one I heard this loud pounding on the wall. I gave it a brief rest, then as quick as I could I tried to finish the second bookcase, when again more pounding ensued. This time it was much louder and I knew exactly where it was coming from. Instead of loosing my cool and pounding back (or worse) I grabbed my shoes and went downstairs and knocked on the door of my neighbor (granted I had no idea who lived there at the time or how big/small the person who was about to answer the door). I just knew instantly what I had to do. The door opened to an older woman who lived by herself, I introduced myself to her then immediately apologized for the disturbance I had created and explained my situation of being new to the complex and still “moving in.” She seemed quite sincere in accepting my apology and asked if I could finish in the morning, which I did agree to. Now every time I see her in passing she smiles and says hello to me, not only did my actions resolve any anger that night they have had a lasting effect as well. I don’t question it for a minute that I would have handled that situation much differently (most likely very poorly) if I had no training at all.

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