Brian Kagen pick: “Secrets of Shuriken-Do” by Jason Wotherspoon

“Here you can find accurate and up-to-date information on all aspects of Shuriken-do, including an historical analysis of the origins and development of the art, a list and description of most of the representative schools that taught the art, a reference section that discusses and demonstrates the technical aspects of throwing the shuriken, and a section on the design and manufacture of various types of shuriken for enthusiasts who wish to try making their own. I include the latest information on the important legal issues surrounding the use of shuriken, particularly in Australia, an attempt at a review of existing pubilcations; books, videos and DVD’s, including other websites, available on the commercial market, as well as a question and answer forum where I help visitors with any questions related to the art that they may have. Finally, for the sake of completeness, there is an archival section where I keep miscellaneous snippets of information that is hard to place within the other pages of this site”

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  1. This is just one of many secrets that Jason has…

  2. Saito sensei (the elder) used to teach shuriken occasionally to a few. I’m told that the enrollment contract required him to kill any student that misused his knowledge.

  3. Ah. Opened mouth before reading the whole article which starts with Saito sensei. Have always been fascinated by shuriken. After reading the article, am inspired to make a few. Have heretofore used small flat steel throwing knives for my occasional practice.

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