“Wisdom” by by Gregor Erdmann

“At a recent Art of Living course I attended, the instructor spoke of listening and the two types that we can be involved with.

Intellectual listening is undertaken by the conscious mind. This part of our mind assesses all that it comes in contact with and categorises it into something between what we agree with and what we disagree with. Depending on how much something we hear fits into our inner world structure, it will either be taken on board or rejected. It is a Catch 22, in that we only accept new knowledge, if we already agree with it.

There are also the snippets of wisdom that fall into our grey area, and these gems are the ones which can gradually allow us to change course. Wouldn’t it be wonderful however, to listen with child-like eagerness and with empty cups, capture every drop.”

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  1. The neat thing about keiko is that you don’t have to agree or disagree with a technique. If it works you are going to go with it. To learn efficacious techniques, or safe falling techniques, you will follow the path that produces positive results. Pain motivates, however slowly. Unfortunately, the spinoff to daily life and social intercourse is usually limited.

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