“Don’t Create What You Don’t Want” by Lynn Seiser from

“he laws of attraction are very popular right now. While this sounds like new-age media hype, its just old-age wisdom and there is validity to the belief that what we focus on gets manifested in our lives.

I was talking to a good friend the other day. He was worried that his training had hit a plateau and would never get any better. There was no evidence except in his fantasies. He actually has been coming along quite nicely. Because of this thought (fear) he often didn’t show up to train. Yes, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Fear is like that.

I remember learning how to break boards and bricks (and an occasional person). I was told to look through the target until I just didn’t see it anymore. Aim at the floor. Then put my hand there. If I focused on the target, it won and stayed in one piece. My hand didn’t. When I focused through the target, it broke with ease.

Extend ki. I remember hearing that when I started Aikido. We were from the old school of talk a little, sweat a lot. I didn’t know what that meant. It really didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Then as I trained more I found that Ki followed wherever I focused my mind. If I looked right at my training partner, all my energy stopped there and so did my movement. If I focused through him (like the board), I sailed right through.”

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  1. In other words we become what we think all day long.

    Thank you for your teachings.

    Patrick Augé

  2. Osu Sensei Auge’

    It has been a while.

    Yes, our thinking/intent becomes manifest in our everyday life.

    Rei, Domo.

    Until again,

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