Brian Kagen pick: “8th-degree black belt awarded to Ki-Aikido instructor”

“WAILUKU – The president of the World Ki Society in Japan has named the acting head instructor of the Shushinkan Ki-Aikido dojo in Wailuku a hachi dan, or eighth-degree black belt – the 16th person in the world to reach the rank.

Christopher Curtis, who is also chief instructor of the Hawaii Ki Federation, received the hachi dan certificate awarded by Shinichi Tohei at a banquet at the dojo on Jan. 24. He received the certificate from the retired head instructor and founder of Maui Ki-Aikido, Shinichi Suzuki.”

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  1. I attended one of Curtis Sensei’s classes in 2007 and was very impressed. A gentle man with much Ki in his Aikido! The dojo itself is worth a visit – traditional japanese character in beautiful Maui! Curtis Sensei also has a new book out… Keep up the good work Chris!

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