From AJ forum: “Jo Awase” by Autrelle Holland

The following post by Autrelle Holland is excerpted from a thread currently in progress in the Aikido Journal forums:

“While doing my research and gathering input and feedback from the people kind enough to review my notes, I have learned much. The Aiki Jo system as it is contains so much information that I think myself a fool to even try to put the basics down. I’m glad that I did though, and I recommend that any serious Aikidoka practicing any sort of formal weapons curriculum to notes somewhere. I know that there are some teachers that don’t use a strict set of guidelines regarding weapons which is fine. To really delve into the practice of it, I feel that you need a core. In my research, the core items of Aiki Jo are the 20 Jo Suburi, the 31- and 13 Jo Kata, the 31 Kata Kumijo and 13 Jo Kata Awase, and lastly, the Jo Awase techniques.”

“Rightfully, the Jo Awase techniques should be the first partner practice with the Jo. The techniques contained in the Jo Awase techniques are the necessary tools to make sense and practical application of the rest of the Kumi exercises. Recently I had a most reliable source share with me some video footage of the earlier Saito Sensei Jo Awase techniques along with their proper variations. It’s not enough to say that I was blown away. While I have seen only a few examples of the Jo Awase techniques on the internet, and what little bit is in the old Saito Sensei books, I was never taught these techniques. They are simply amazing. If anyone more in the know wants to have a discussion about these area of Aiki Jo, please, please, please: LETS.”

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  1. I KNOW that there is at least one person who can add to the discussion of the area of the Jo Awase techniques (nudge).

    Any takers?

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